BSDCon Europe

Pete French pete at
Wed Aug 18 00:36:15 BST 2004

> I'm tempted to drive, but I don't know how long it would take.  Could
> anyone give a hint on ferries, or is the channel tunnel the best way?

Hovercraft was always the fastest, but they got rid of 'em sadly :-( Tunnel
is probably second best, though I cant stand it so I use ferries all the time.
Fastest route is probably Oostende -> Bruxelles -> Aachen -> Koln -> Mannheim
The alternative via Luxembourg -> Saarbrucken is more direct but the roads
after Luxembourg itself ar far slower. Plus theres speed limits, which there
aren't in Germany. Bit prettier though.

As to "how long" - well I would say that leaving on a morning boat you could
be there for mid afternoon, stretching to the evening depending on how
easy you take it. Kind of depends on how fast you are comfortable cruising
at through Germany really.


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