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Paul Robinson paul at
Sat Aug 14 12:10:25 BST 2004

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 11:06:51AM +0100, Sam Smith wrote:

> If this happens, the UKUUG ( will be
> organising an evening event, free to all, probably in London
> (depending on where Jordan is at the time). For those
> travelling from Manchester or similar distance, it will be
> accessible, given where I live ;-) .

Notice hardly anybody who is active in FreeBSD in the UK at the moment
appears to live in London. London is, in my opinion, a poor choice. I'm 
probably in my usual minority though. :-)

> Organising a UK FreeBSD user group meeting within/around
> this should be quite easy and something UKUUG would be happy
> to support.

Good. That's me off the hook then. I realised after sending that last mail
what I might be letting myself in for. By the way, I really should try and
sort out my UKUUG membership.  I've had 3 goes at it now, and never
completed the whole cycle. :-)
> Sam
>   Of many hats.

I have never, ever seen you wear a hat.

Paul Robinson

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