Recommendation of router for a home network wanted

Timothy Borgeaud tim.borgeaud at
Fri Aug 13 11:34:05 BST 2004

Sorry that this isn't a FreeBSD question.

My family have cable broadband and, with the acquisition of a couple 
more computers, they would like to hook up more than just the one 
Macintosh that is currently connected.

Their service provider has told them that this is fine. So all they need 
is a router and LAN.

They have a cable modem (Scientific Atlanta webstar dpx100) which 
connects, via a utp ethernet cable, directly to their Mac (It's possible 
that the configuration has been set by their service provider in such a 
way as to limit the normal possibilities for use of the modem).

As fas as I know they do not have a static ip address.

Ideally they would be looking for a single box that will provide a 
router with a firewall (NAT at least would be required), a 4+ port 
ethernet switch and possibly the cable modem
as well. If it's better/cheaper/easier to have multiple boxes then they 
can go that way.

If anyone has any recommendations for equipment could they let me know. 
Also any advice/tips regarding configuring this would be helpful.



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