Mail question

Geffy geffy at
Wed Aug 11 14:43:57 BST 2004

Dave Tiger wrote:
> Hi List,
> Can a user just change there zone mx record to my mail server name and be
> able to send and receive emails via my email server if I do not hold the dns
> zone and as long as they exist in postfix virtual and are a email user via
> cyrus.
> I think what I am asking is that as long as I have them setup on my email
> server I do not need to host their full dns zone just ask them to change
> their current mx record to my mail server name
> A yes or no would survice and thank you in advance for any advise
> Dave Carrera
Yes, you dont need to host their DNS for you to host their email. The Zone MX record must point at 
your mailserver though in order for mail to be sent to it and for them to be able to use their to reference the mailserver.
All you have to do is tell your mailserver that it accepts mail for that domain and the list of 
users which exist in that domain for it to deliver mail to


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