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Chris Rodgers freebsd-users-uk at bulk.rodgers.org.uk
Wed Aug 11 12:34:05 BST 2004

Here are a few (somewhat random) thoughts for you...

I may have got this wrong, but surely SSH will be secure without any
additional steps. Once you have IP connectivity between the machines,
you can SSH away! Any traffic will be encrypted by SSH and it doesn't
matter if someone can sniff this.

It is possible to persuade the windows machine to use a proxy server on
your fbsd / linux system securely using SSH. You must (1) install the
proxy on the *nix machine (e.g. apache), (2) SSH using e.g. PuTTY and
set the options to create a tunnel from the windows machine to the
proxy, (3) set your "internet settings" to use a proxy server, which you
will set to "localhost". This is all a bit of a faff, though, and will
require you to log in using PuTTY to surf the web. E-mail will require
an additional step.

Perhaps something like IPSec is more what you want (type FreeBSD IPSec
into Google for help setting this up). This would allow you to secure
all the network traffic between the machines, above and beyond just your
SSH sessions. You then do not need to configure each app in turn, and
unsecured communications can be disabled.

A final option would be to install a SOCKS proxy on the FBSD machine,
and then use an SSH tunnel from windows to access this. However, again,
this will require you to configure each app in turn...

IPSec is probably the way to go.


Chris Rodgers.

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 05:39, Dimitrios wrote:
> I'd like to move my home network (2 fbsd systes, 2 linux, 1 windoze) from
> cable to wireless. I'm sharing a single adsl connceted to one of my fbsd
> servers over a single switch.
> My question is, how would i go about setting encrypted (SSH) communication
> between all those systems?
> I don't want to rely on WEP or other crap hardware security. So another
> problem is how to properly encrypt the windoze system to communicate
> with the fbsd server for internet access.
> Any pointers will be much appriciated.
> Thank you.
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