Strange kernel messages?

Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Tue Aug 10 22:39:12 BST 2004

Pete French wrote:

>>to be completely wrong on that as 1027 is based on earlier RFCs . As to why
>>well there was still a lot of good kit that didn't understand subnets in use
>>then and people didn't seem to throw stuff away after a couple of years,
> I remember acquring a VAxstation in 1990 that was running BSD 4.1 which
> didnt understand subnest, and finding it a very frustrating expereince trying
> to make it talk to othet things across the network. Can't remember how I got
> around it in the end. Wish I had known about the arp-subnet thing at the
> time.

That wouldn't be folly would it, but folly wasn't a VaxStation? I still 
remember folly turning up and feel so ashamed that I had to junk the 
cabinet I got...the Esso Tiger tokens!

But getting back to the main thread, I sometime see these movement 
messages when people bring in laptops onto a wireless LAN. Microsoft's 
DHCP server defaults to using 192.168.0 and many an address clash 
occurs. I now try and set up networks to use something other than 
192.168.0 to avoid this.

BTW -bat, can you remember why Moondog used 192.168.200 as a subnet?


> Been an education afternoon though :-)
> Does IPv6 do this too out of interest ?
> -bat.



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