FW: Strange kernel messages?

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>> to be completely wrong on that as 1027 is based on earlier RFCs . As to
>> well there was still a lot of good kit that didn't understand subnets in
>> then and people didn't seem to throw stuff away after a couple of years,
>I remember acquring a VAxstation in 1990 that was running BSD 4.1 which
>didnt understand subnest, and finding it a very frustrating expereince
>to make it talk to othet things across the network. Can't remember how I
>around it in the end. Wish I had known about the arp-subnet thing at the
>Been an education afternoon though :-)
>Does IPv6 do this too out of interest ?

IP6 has lots of ways of getting around this problem, tools such as ndp are
used to with the Neighbor Discovery Protocol to allow/disallow proxy arp on
IP6 gateways. However IMHO IP6 will not see take-up inside the corporate
network due to increased processor speed the use of NAT and the fact that
Microsoft don't do a pretty GUI for it yet. We may not like it but Microsoft
is the defacto standard in more and more companies. This is not a topic to
get me started on. All I'll say is that the only reasons that the current
situation has developed are 

1 The power of advertising (who remembers MS claiming Win95 was the first 32
bit system for PCs, Oh the arguments I had with that) 

2 Sad but true. The lack of advocacy for all open source systems (and many
proprietary ones) apart from Linux.


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