Strange kernel messages?

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Tue Aug 10 14:42:15 BST 2004

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>> This is the full explanation I've high lighted the important bits
>> With !!!!
>Thanks :-) actually the highlighted bits make sense. Indeed it all
>makes sense. The bit which is new and surprising to me is that gateways
>do the proxy-arp thing! Have they always done that ? I've used proxy-arp
>for PPP copnnections before, and that makes a lot of sense, but this
>"arp subnet" stuff seems all a bit odd, and rather pointless. Got
>and references as to where it came from and why ? Would have been rather
>handy back when we had machines that didnt support subnets I guess (when
>did subnest come in 4.2BSd or 4.3BSD ?)
>Learn something new every day I guess :-)
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Lol now your asking. I've seen that many revisions over the years that I
don't remember. As for using ARP for transparent subnet gateways That came
with RFC 1027 some time in late 87 or early 88 I think, though I am prepared
to be completely wrong on that as 1027 is based on earlier RFCs . As to why
well there was still a lot of good kit that didn't understand subnets in use
then and people didn't seem to throw stuff away after a couple of years,
like they do now :(  

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