Strange kernel messages?

Pete French pete at
Tue Aug 10 12:53:22 BST 2004

> This answer is very simplistic and is only designed to allow you to
> visualize the problem. To fully understand the problem you will need to do
> quite a bit of reading.

Hmmm. Now I thought I understood this (and I even implemnted ARP once
upon a time). So I have a very simple question which I do not see the
answer too:

>>arp: moved from 00:c0:4f:26:a8:83 to 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 on fxp0

How can ether card 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 ever be giving an ARP response
for ? The ifconfig output says that only IP
is on that hardware. Arp maps IP addresses to ether addresses regardless
of layer 3 the way I understood it, so an entry of 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 is
not correct for

I understand that in order to get to from the other network
then it needs to pass through that interface, but it does so by routing
the packet to and arping for *that* address on the
ether surely ?

Quite happy to go do "quite a bit of reading" - but I thought I had done
all the necessary reading back in the 1980's so this is kind of surprising to
me :-)


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