Strange kernel messages?

Grant orbman at
Tue Aug 10 11:23:47 BST 2004


Got a few freebsd servers and i have noticed quite alot of these 
messages on the console and in the logs.

arp: moved from 00:c0:4f:26:a8:83 to 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 on fxp0
arp: moved from 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 to 00:c0:4f:26:a8:83 on fxp0
arp: moved from 00:c0:4f:26:a8:83 to 00:08:c7:3b:67:93 on fxp0

There is two networks one and the second

The ip is a proxy/gateway running clarkconnect with dual 
network cards one on and one

The messages only seem to show up on the freebsd boxes, there is 3 boxes 
that show these messages.

The first is which has dual cards with the other interface at
The second box only has one card with ip of
The third box only one card again with ip

These machines are all linked to a 24port 3Com hub... just in case that 
is the problem :(

The question is what is it ? and should i be worried at the amount i am 
getting of them ? and can it be stopped ?


ps - The first box runs 4.10 and the second and third are running 5.2.1 
There is some linux boxes but they dont show any of the messages.

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