Random panics on new hardware

Ben Smithurst ben at FreeBSD.org
Thu Apr 29 20:22:21 BST 2004

Chris Whitehouse wrote:

> Many motherboards including Asus come with a page in the BIOS where
> cpu temperature amongst other things is displayed. You may be able to
> get an idea of how hot the cpu is getting by rebooting and immediately
> going into the BIOS, perhaps stress the cpu before rebooting. Asus
> usually provide a utility which displays real time temperature,
> voltages etc, but it runs in Windows.

The highest I've ever seen it (using xmbmon, which seems to agree with
the BIOS report) is 43 degrees.. which doesn't seem ridiculously hot,
when the BIOS 'limit' is set to 95.

(geek alert - http://www.bcxs.net/mrtg/index.hwmon.html :-)

I've had a report off list from someone who has also had problems with
an Athlon 2500 in this board (A7V8X-X) but a 2400 works fine.  I find
that odd since it's one of the AMD-recommended boards but it seems to
agree with what I'm seeing.  I'm running the chip at 1650MHz now which
is presumably something like 2300-2400 in Athlon 'speeds'.

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