Random panics on new hardware

Ben Smithurst ben at FreeBSD.org
Thu Apr 29 11:27:05 BST 2004

Jonathan Belson wrote:

> Are you 100% sure the heatsink is fitted tightly against the CPU?  I had
> a similar random crash problem after upgrading a CPU; after removing the
> heatsink I noticed that the imprint left on the conductive patch wasn't
> perfectly square.  Taking a closer look, I realised that the heatsink
> wasn't aligned properly (it was partly resting on something or another,
> can't remember exactly) so the CPU was overheating within a few minutes
> of powering up.

I can check that.  Although is it a good idea to remove the heatsink
then put it back on?  Don't you need to get some thermal compound to
replace the gunk that comes on it when you replace the heatsink?  If so
I can easily buy some but I'll have to wait until it arrives...

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