Random panics on new hardware

Ben Smithurst ben at FreeBSD.org
Thu Apr 29 11:01:09 BST 2004

Martin Hepworth wrote:

> is the CPU cool enough?
> if dropping the speed down helps, maybe the CPU's getting too hot?

I _think_ it was cool enough, although I can't run it for too long in
'unreliable' mode since I've got loads work to do by tomorrow.

I shall try putting more fans in the case later.  I have five little
ebuyer fans, 50p each, sat on my desk, so I could install them I guess
(I've got one inside the case so far).  I don't think I can cram five
more in but at least I'll have spares. :-)

Also the CPU is using the heatsink/fan that came with it (AMD retail
package) so it should be ok.


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