Remote Backup Question

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Apr 28 16:39:58 BST 2004

Martin Hepworth <martinh at> wrote:

> 16GB over an adsl line???

Should be fine, using rsync, since it transfers only the changed data.

Initial transfer would be quite big, but subsequent ones a lot smaller,
unless the data changes a lot.

> I'd look at amanda anyway. You can use disk as a virtual tape drive, and 

For some situations a good approach is having a second disk, and mirror
the data across, again using rsync.  If the dataset will fit you can have
one directory per day of the week, for a 7 day rolling backup, or even

> > After thinking about it a bit, maybe a cronned perl script to tar / gzip the
> > relevant files and ftp them to my local box would be one way but again I
> > have no clue about this or perl scripting.

Probably not practical for that size of dataset.


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