Random panics on new hardware

Jonathan jonathan at sirtis.org.uk
Wed Apr 28 11:39:29 BST 2004

Ben Smithurst wrote:
> I've been fairly out of touch with FreeBSD stuff for a while so I hope
> you'll all excuse me asking a quick question here...
> I've made the mistake of upgrading my terribly slow old computer to some
> lovely new hardware -- now I get random panics (usually page fault, but
> I've had a privileged instruction fault and a couple of pmap errors --
> I can't remember them all exactly, since it's probably not a software
> issue I haven't paid that much attention).
> Most of the hardware is new (Asus A7V8X-X mainboard, AthlonXP 2500+ CPU,
> 512MB DDR 333 RAM (Crucial)) so I'm not sure where to start looking for
> which bit might be faulty.  Memtest86 found no RAM faults.


I've been having similar problems (and a whole catalogue of issues) 
having made the fatal mistake of recommending hardware "assuming" there 
would be drivers available. Stupid stupid stupid boy, I know!

I won't bore you with details suffice to say I've been seeing very 
similar problems and *fingers crossed* I've got further in buildworld 
than I've managed so far simply by running the memory at a slower speed.



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