Random panics on new hardware

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Wed Apr 28 10:21:20 BST 2004

>Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> there's some 550W ones on ebuyer for around =A317+vat...
>heh.  If they really are 550W. ;-)

Exactly. I think somebody did some testing a while back and found that 
virtually none of these power supplies are really capable of supplying 
what they claim to.

Many are also plain unsafe and don't really conform to what they should 
to get even an almost meaningless "CE" mark.

More importantly the 5v and 3.3v output rails tend to have a combined 
limit of not much over 100W which doesn't leave a lot of headroom given 
what a modern x86 toasting element needs from them.


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