Server reboot problem

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Tue Apr 20 19:57:30 BST 2004

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"Kevin O'Connor" <kevin at> wrote:

>> After upgrading a Compaq proliant 5500 smp server to 5.2.1  I've now
>> got a server that reboots most ungracefully ever 45 minuets-ish.
>> It ran 4.8 for a very long time with no problems so I'm guessing that
>> it's something to do with the power management in 5x as the problem
>> only manifests it's self  if the server is idling for the whole time.

>What does the kernel say for apm0 device?
>Have you disabled APM in the bios? (probably most important)
>Have you disabled APM in the kernel?
>Seems slightly odd to have APM on a server, but who knows..

I thought it was ACPI by default in 5x and loaded as a driver not
compiled into the kernel. APM is turned off in the bios and always has

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