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Mon Apr 19 15:51:32 BST 2004


The + symbol is, I believe, a recipient delimiter. Cyrus handles address 
such as user1+foo at by delivering it to the mailbox called foo in 
user1's account. If mailbox foo doesn't exist then it just gets dumped in 
the user's inbox as if it was addressed to user1 at

Looking in postfix's docs (man 8 virtual):

        When a mail address localpart contains the optional recip-
        ient delimiter (e.g., user+foo at domain), the  lookup  order
        becomes: user+foo at domain, user at domain, user+foo, user, and
        @domain.  An unmatched address extension (+foo) is  propa-
        gated to the result of table lookup.

and, further down:

            #virtual-alias.domain anything (right-hand content
            # does not matter)
            postmaster at virtual-alias.domain      postmaster
            user1 at virtual-alias.domain   address1
            user2 at virtual-alias.domain   address2, address3

Looks like your multiple addresses should be comma separated.


--On 19 April 2004 15:33 +0100 Dave Tiger <dave at> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I hope someone can throw some light on this matter here as looking on the
> other lists and goggling has got me no where.
> I have a FreeBSD / postfix / Cyrus salsd2 email box using postfix virtual
> to map email addresses to users.
> Example.
> # user1 email
> user1 at user1
> If I add another user to the above to be forwarded a copy of the email
> Example
> # user1 email
> user1 at user1+user2
> user2 at user2
> The forwarding dose not work.
> I was told by a person more qualified than me that this was the correct
> way to do forwarding to accounts, all accounts exist on my system, but I
> can work out what is wrong.
> Maillog gives me no clues either.
> Can one of you clever people see a prob ?
> Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you may give.
> Dave C
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