Email forwarding question

Dave Tiger dave at
Mon Apr 19 15:33:33 BST 2004

Hi List,

I hope someone can throw some light on this matter here as looking on =
other lists and goggling has got me no where.

I have a FreeBSD / postfix / Cyrus salsd2 email box using postfix =
virtual to
map email addresses to users.

Example. # user1 email
user1 at user1

If I add another user to the above to be forwarded a copy of the email

Example # user1 email
user1 at user1+user2
user2 at user2

The forwarding dose not work.

I was told by a person more qualified than me that this was the correct =
to do forwarding to accounts, all accounts exist on my system, but I can
work out what is wrong.

Maillog gives me no clues either.

Can one of you clever people see a prob ?

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you may give.

Dave C

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