Any USB driver hackers in the UK?

Mark Ovens mark at
Sat Apr 17 18:20:46 BST 2004

Is there anyone in the UK who hacks on the USB driver (IIRC Nick Hibma 
does/did?) who would be interested in getting a couple of devices working?

I've just replied to (yet another) post on -questions about a wireless 
MS Intellimouse not working on USB. Also, I have a USB Compaq keyboard 
that changes the system clock when FreeBSD boots (see the thread "Wierd 
time changes" on -questions for the details, 

With the MS mice I suspect that the cause may be related to the fact 
that the Intellipoint s/w that drives these things under Windows can 
report the battery status; obviously this info is transmitted from the 
mouse and I suspect that it is these messages that are "confusing" the 
USB driver (I don't think it is the mouse driver as these devices work 
fine when connected to a PS/2 port via an adaptor).

Anyway, if anyone in the UK is interested in working on one or both of 
these issues then I am prepared to lend you my keyboard an mouse for a 
couple of weeks.

I really think that getting the MS mouse working would be a Good Thing 
(TM) as they are very popular.



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