Anyone got any experience with gigabit ether ?

Pete French pete at
Fri Apr 9 12:53:32 BST 2004

I'm after upgrading all my networking to 1000Base-T and was wondering
if anyone had any words of wisdom on the subject - e.g. "cards to avoid".
I wouldnt be so bothered, except that the new motherboard came with a Realtek
gigabit port onboard which has performed dreadfully as a 100Base-T interafce. It
keeps dropping the connection, to the pont where I gave up and installed a
separate 100Base-T card again.

I have no idea if it wold work any better connected to a gigabit switch rather
than a 100Base-T switch, but it makes me want to ask for advice. I was thinking
of a pair of Netgear GA622T cards which are supported by the nge driver.

Any recommendations ? Anyone got any horror stories of poor BSD support ?



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