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Paul Civati paul at
Sun Apr 4 12:50:43 BST 2004

Andrew Boothman <andrew at> wrote:

> > From what I can see on hub, mailman has killed itself - I mailed David
> > about it, but my guess is that he's already on the case.

Probably the queue runner daemons.

> I was under the impression (I don't know where from) that mailman is a 
> reliable piece of software - does it have problem on large sites like 
>, or are we trying to do something special with it that it 
> doesn't like?

It does have some issues when you start to get large sized subscriber
lists, eg. large python processes.

> This never happened with majordomo.... :)

I have also seen majordomo get is knickers in a knot, being a perl
application it is also open to excessive use of memory when something
doesn't go quite right.


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