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John Seago john.seago at
Fri Sep 26 17:15:20 BST 2003

After 2 > 3 years of attempts off on, I finally managed to get 4.8 to 
install and Dual boot with lilo, (I even managed to work out why 
FreeBSD wouldn't boot the Linux partitions). Of course there seem to be 
bits missing, stuff not working, sound and Internet connections for a 
kick off, there's no Midnight commander, the list goes on but I'm at a 
point where I can at least make a start. 

What I need is a book of the Commands, Doe's Unix in a Nutshell give the 
commands I'll need? I've already ordered The Complete FreeBSD.

Suggestions of Books welcomed, I'll have to learn/work out the rest 
John Seago

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