HP Deskjet Printer on FBSD5.1

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 26 00:20:50 BST 2003

Apologies for sounding petulant with this message.
I have grabbed the sources for lprng and I reckon I can run
with it using foomatic-rip (like I attempted on Linux box but gave
up because I couldn't be bothered with the need for USB hotplug
scripts) - my BSD box has a serial port anyway.

On Thursday 25 September 2003 23:45, Julian Rawcliffe wrote:
> I know this is probably an incredibly stupid question, but I have an
> HP Deskjet printer I'd like to be able to print to from my BSD box.
> I have checked the handbook and it suggests that I look in the
> printer manual for escape codes that the printer might accept -
> I don't think so!
> The printer is connected and is recognised by the kernel, no
> problem, but any attempt to send to lpt0 results in one line of text ac=
> the page and the printer errors. OK, I need some sort of input filter o=
> output filter, but where to find details of what is available.
> I tried to see if lprng might be supported, but it's not in ports and t=
> link on the handbook website no longer exists.
> Many thanks,
> Julian
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