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Is there likely to be a London meeting any time soon?


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have written a little expose of the meet. There
> are likely holes. Adjust
> as you see fit.
> It was a fine meeting
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> > On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:
> > > I'm sure we met in Cardiff in June 2003
> > 
> > Do you want to write some words about it?
> There's a brief summary and a URL for some photos in
> the archives at
> ml.
> I'd write something but I don't remember much about
> it...
> Ceri
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> Iniaes: Sure, I can accept all forms of payment.
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> > FreeBSD UK - 10th Birthday Party - 2003.06.21
> Cardiff 
> 	I arrived on the train into Cardiff around 12:10pm
> on the Saturday. Tottering up past the Wetherspoons
> where we few are due to meet. I partook of a fine
> "Cheap" Beverage. Having drunk my fill i continued
> my journey up to the Hotel of Choice in Cardiff. The
> Angel Hotel, this fine hotel costing a mere 65 of
> your notes for a Plush Double Room with all that a
> man requires for rest and recoperation.
> 	I then while wandering back to Wetherspoons, I
> recieved a call from a Man i have never met Ceri,
> Who let me know that all the people of our group
> would not be arriving until around 14:00, "fine" i
> said " more time to enjoy the sites of Cardiff". In
> reality more time to grab some food and buy a copy
> of Harry Potter( It had just been published that
> day). I enjoyed another pint of Ale with a Large
> Wether Mint Burger, to fill to hole in my stomach.
> 	As i was reclining in the relative comfortable seat
> in the Upstairs of the Watering Hole. Another call
> from a different stranger. "hello" i said, "I lost"
> came the reply. "Where are you?" i asked, "in the
> train station whereing a blue shirt" came the
> strangers reply. I headed to the train station
> immedetly, after downing my 3rd pint of the day, it
> was 13:30. 
> 	At the train station i found a fine figure of a
> Man. Who is known now to me as Dave. We carried his
> legion of cases back to the pub (Wetherspoons if you
> haven't guessed). We perched ourselves into the
> largest booth we could find after filling most of it
> with the luggage. We eat, drink and talked Tech for
> a short while. I learned that Aled was a travelling
> man with much knowledge of Technology. He also buys
> Sparcs on Ebay for fun. A splendid chap indeed.
> 	Ceri and the motelly crew started to arrive. Within
> the crew where Ceri, Tim, Jane and Jasper. We headed
> back upstairs and Took the Whole of the Lower left
> corner. More Alcohol was purchased and consumed. As
> the meeting of Great Minds and Large Stomachs
> continued. More of our brethren arrived, Gedge,
> Sthephen and Paul. We continued our merriment. 
> 	It was soon time for more food. We had had enough
> of the Wetherspoons, so we moved over to Juboraj. A
> most splendid Indian Restaurant. We lost a few of
> our fellows on the way there. But no matter, We
> order just about 1 of everything on the menu. As any
> tech meeting is only as good as the Indian consumed
> during its event.
>  Some had pint of MUD ( Orange and Coke), that was a
> fine drink to settle the volcanos erupting in the
> stomchs of the brave fools who ate everything.
> 	This is the end of my tale of the meet in cardiff,
> I am aware that those who "go all night" went on to
> a Late Night Party Palace or Nightclub or Dance
> Hall. But i was tired. I waddled back to the Hotel
> and Rested.
> Hopefully this will inform those who neglected to
> attend what happened.
> Any omisions on my part i apologise for. 
> This text is open to ajustment and alteration as
> people see fit.

Thit sentence is not self-referential because 'thit' is not a word.

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