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I have written a little expose of the meet. There are likely holes. Adjust
as you see fit.

It was a fine meeting

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On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 06:10:34PM +0100, Sam Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:
> > I'm sure we met in Cardiff in June 2003
> Do you want to write some words about it?

There's a brief summary and a URL for some photos in the archives at

I'd write something but I don't remember much about it...

Iniaes: Sure, I can accept all forms of payment.

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FreeBSD UK - 10th Birthday Party - 2003.06.21 Cardiff 

	I arrived on the train into Cardiff around 12:10pm on the Saturday. Tottering up past the Wetherspoons where we few are due to meet. I partook of a fine "Cheap" Beverage. Having drunk my fill i continued my journey up to the Hotel of Choice in Cardiff. The Angel Hotel, this fine hotel costing a mere 65 of your notes for a Plush Double Room with all that a man requires for rest and recoperation.
	I then while wandering back to Wetherspoons, I recieved a call from a Man i have never met Ceri, Who let me know that all the people of our group would not be arriving until around 14:00, "fine" i said " more time to enjoy the sites of Cardiff". In reality more time to grab some food and buy a copy of Harry Potter( It had just been published that day). I enjoyed another pint of Ale with a Large Wether Mint Burger, to fill to hole in my stomach.
	As i was reclining in the relative comfortable seat in the Upstairs of the Watering Hole. Another call from a different stranger. "hello" i said, "I lost" came the reply. "Where are you?" i asked, "in the train station whereing a blue shirt" came the strangers reply. I headed to the train station immedetly, after downing my 3rd pint of the day, it was 13:30. 
	At the train station i found a fine figure of a Man. Who is known now to me as Dave. We carried his legion of cases back to the pub (Wetherspoons if you haven't guessed). We perched ourselves into the largest booth we could find after filling most of it with the luggage. We eat, drink and talked Tech for a short while. I learned that Aled was a travelling man with much knowledge of Technology. He also buys Sparcs on Ebay for fun. A splendid chap indeed.
	Ceri and the motelly crew started to arrive. Within the crew where Ceri, Tim, Jane and Jasper. We headed back upstairs and Took the Whole of the Lower left corner. More Alcohol was purchased and consumed. As the meeting of Great Minds and Large Stomachs continued. More of our brethren arrived, Gedge, Sthephen and Paul. We continued our merriment. 
	It was soon time for more food. We had had enough of the Wetherspoons, so we moved over to Juboraj. A most splendid Indian Restaurant. We lost a few of our fellows on the way there. But no matter, We order just about 1 of everything on the menu. As any tech meeting is only as good as the Indian consumed during its event.
 Some had pint of MUD ( Orange and Coke), that was a fine drink to settle the volcanos erupting in the stomchs of the brave fools who ate everything.
	This is the end of my tale of the meet in cardiff, I am aware that those who "go all night" went on to a Late Night Party Palace or Nightclub or Dance Hall. But i was tired. I waddled back to the Hotel and Rested.

Hopefully this will inform those who neglected to attend what happened.
Any omisions on my part i apologise for. 
This text is open to ajustment and alteration as people see fit.


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