rlogin: Permission denied.

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Sat Sep 13 22:06:12 BST 2003

On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Paul Civati wrote:

> Henrik Morsing <henrik at morsing.cc> wrote:
> > I know this is pretty vague but I'm at a loss:
> >
> > morsing at bsd:~]$ rlogin aix
> > Permission denied.
> >
> > It does it even when I'm root and the permissions on rlogin seems right
> > (setuid root).
> As it doesn't present a password prompt then I presume that you've got
> some .rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv set-up?


> What does the AIX? box say about rlogind authentication configuration?

Standard AIX if that's what you mean.

> You will likely find that rlogin as root doesn't work anyway, some o/s
> specifically disable that functionality.

It's enabled by default on AIX and I haven't got around to disabling it
yet. I'm not doing this as root anyway though.

> > The error message is pretty unclear! I can login to aix from other
> > computers.
> Using rlogin?

I'm confused about where the problem lies. I thought it was on the BSD
side but now I don't know??

Cheers Henrik Morsing

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