Interesting games with spam-assassin.

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Sat Sep 6 23:31:09 BST 2003

Hello Ceri, Joe!

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 10:28:25PM +0100, Ceri Davies wrote:
> I'd agree with the latter idea too, although my MTA (exim, though I'm sure
> others allow it) has enough hooks that I could trivially implement the
> 550-incoming-mail-over-12-points check, while allowing users who don't want
> it to opt out (or vice versa).
> For the case in point of this list, however, I'd suggest that a bit of
> mandatory spam filtering is fair game, if you have the resources to do it.

Agreed - or applying severe header checking at the MTA level. Merely
installing Postfix with a fair number of smtp recipient restrictions
has enabled me to weed out most spoofed mail.

Actively identifying spam requires an external agent. I find amavisd-new
works well in this respect - it integrates SpamAssassin and also amortizes
the startup cost by keeping it ready.

I have no moral problems with filtering lists as long as the mechanisms
used to filter such a list are described in general during the signing-up
process, and providing that there is ultimate recourse to a moderator.

Automated spam agents are unlikely to report things to a moderator. Any
description of how the filtering takes place has to be general enough
to explain what it does, whilst not specific enough to give the game
away to spammers.

Just my 2p,

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