This mail probably isn't spam but you can't be too sure these days

Ben lists-freebsd-users-uk at
Thu Sep 4 18:18:38 BST 2003

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 12:11:05PM +0100, Josef Karthauser wrote:

> I am running spam assassin on transwarp and it marking most of the spam
> as spam.  Unfortuneately Easynet, where the list server is housed, are
> also running spam assassin and it's taking the mails that are marked as
> spam, and declassifying them as not so spammy.  I think that instead
> I'll just throw away any mail that appears to be spam to the list and
> see if that fixes things.  I'm working on that at the moment.

i've managed to get rid of about 4000 message out the queue and upgraded
mailman to a newer version.

There may of been some false positives, there may not of, but if you
want i can archive up the 4000 mails and send them to you to go through

Ben. <ben @ mumble . org . uk>

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