This mail probably isn't spam but you can't be too sure these days

Glyn Grinstead glyn at
Thu Sep 4 10:34:26 BST 2003

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 08:31:36AM +0100, Jon Schneider wrote:
> I notice my other recent genuine mail to this list sent from another 
> address still awaits approval. There are obviously far more important 
> mails to allow through and it was only a silly question about installing 
> 5.1.

I'm not sure who approves non-subscribed emails right now - at a guess
there's only one person and possibly not anyone right now. You haven't 
been singled out for (lack of) attention - I'm sure all emails are being 
ignored equally.

> Who does belong to ?

        Josef Karthauser t/as Tao Research

Last seen Joe was back in education doing an MSc, he's also one of the 
FreeBSD committers and does scary things with CVS.

> Are really a non-commercial organisation ?

My guess would be yes, but I'll leave it to Joe to answer that one for
definite. If he's making any money from it at all I'd be surprised if he
covers the costs of running it.

> Can stuff from transwarp just be blocked please ?

Well, filtering out will almost certainly reduce the
level of spam from the list by something in the region of 100%. 
Unfortunately, it'll also reduce *all* mail from the list by 100%[1] as it's 
the primary mx for (and I'm pretty sure he's not charging us
any money to do that :-)


[1] Assuming we also block the backup mx entries as well of course, for
    those of you feeling picky :-)

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