Henrik Morsing henrik at
Thu Sep 4 09:03:12 BST 2003

I would like to complain a bit about the moderators too please.

I joined the list three months ago but shortly after changed my email
address. I still receive mail from the old one but it's virtual so I can't
really send from it.

I sent an 'Introduce myself' post to the list which has now been awaiting
moderator approval for three months.
I have sent several mails to the list admin with no response, to have my
address changed.
The list software cannot change or delete my info it just gives me an
error. I've since joined the list again with my new address but the
maillist software still gives me error when trying to delete my old

So what do I do now? I get two copies of all posts (including spam) and my
first post is still stuck.


Henrik Morsing
henrik at

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