Novatech Laptop

Andrew andrew at
Mon Oct 27 09:40:58 GMT 2003

dEMoN dEMoN wrote:
> Hello,
> I am hoping to convert to FreeBSD in a few days when my external hard 
> drive (back up purposes) get here.  Does anyone know what the 
> compatability is going to be like for a Novatech laptop with USB optical 
> mouse and touch pad?
> I had some trouble with this issue with Red Hat and Slackware Linux some 
> time ago.

It's difficult to say without specifics like a model name and number.

I'd check out the hardware compatibility list on, followed 
by a scan of the Usenet archives at, and perhaps take 
note of all devices and display settings in preparation for your 
install. Windows is most useful in this regard, perhaps combined with a 
diagnostic tool like Sandra.

It's notable that FreeBSD 4.x does not have cardbus support, so if you 
plan on using 32-bit cards you must install from the 5.x branch.

Hope this helps,


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