Exploding P4's [OT]

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Oct 15 00:35:19 BST 2003

> Actually, it's not a BSD kernel.  It's Mach kernel.

Both wrong and both right :-) mach is at the core with a BSD layer round
it, NeXT's have always been that way (the mach ketrtenl doesnt give you a
complete operating system).

They are remarkably nify boxes it has to be said - the G4 laptops are fine
pieces of kit, and it will be very nice to gte mny hands on a G5. I;ve
gone to opposite way to the first poster - I am on FreeBSD as a refugee from
NeXT/Apple kit when they discontinued the Intel x86 version of the operating
system. Now moving back the other way as OSX improves, but I doubt I will ever
go back to an entirely NeXT based environment - BSD is *too* good for me
to abandon completely, even if they did start producing an Intel version of
the NeXT/OSX operating system again.

> As for buying Apple....  I'd love to buy Apple.  However have you seen
> how much Apples cost?  Dual G5s with a 17" display...  Just under 3K...

Its always  tradeoff - preseumably the first poster is prepared to pay for
silence. I sacrifice speed for quietness myself, have just gone back to a P3
866 for the BSD server as it needs no fans as opposed to the P4 I was using
for a while (which sounded like a hovercraft).

Cant imagine ever going back to anything other than an Apple laptop though.
FreeBSD seems remarkably clunky on a laptop from my experience...


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