Exploding P4's [OT]

Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Tue Oct 14 22:54:15 BST 2003

* Phil John <phil at budgetwebdesign.biz> [2003-10-14 22:44:53 BST]:
> D'oh!  You're right about the kernel, schoolboy error that I will put down
> to having to work all night to meet a work deadline!

Well, at least it's a better mistake than the "based on BSD/Linux" one I
keep seeing in the press.

> Yup, macs are expensive, but since it's for work I can claim the V.A.T. back
> (and finally have an up-to-date version of Logic Audio since Apple
> mothballed the Windoze version).  I'm waiting till after christmas for the
> prices to come down and any problems with the processor to be discovered!


Tell you what I'll pay for your insurance, and you tell me which
window...  okay?


> Let's hope for Virginia Tech's sake there aren't any! (they’ve got the 1100
> machine dual G5 cluster)
> Phil.


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