Exploding P4's [OT]

Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Tue Oct 14 20:41:24 BST 2003

* phil at budgetwebdesign.biz <phil at budgetwebdesign.biz> [2003-10-14 19:26:54 BST]:
> Hi list, been lurking a while but this is my first post: 
> Couldn't agree more, my next computer purchase is going to be a Dual G5 - 
> I've heard them in operation and they are so much more silent when compared 
> to my current boxes (1 p2 FreeBSD firewall/router and 1 Athlon 1800XP).  
> The athlon's just got even noisier due to the addition of ANOTHER case fan 
> to stop the damn thing overheating.  Plus I'll feel less of a traitor to 
> the cause since OS X runs on a BSD kernel, goodbye Microsoft, I will not 
> miss you! :o) 

Actually, it's not a BSD kernel.  It's Mach kernel.

It's the userland and higher level networking stuff which is BSD.

As for buying Apple....  I'd love to buy Apple.  However have you seen
how much Apples cost?  Dual G5s with a 17" display...  Just under 3K...

That's A LOT of cash.

So I've decided that spending £300 to silence my 1800XP is a much better

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