Exploding P4's [OT]

phil at budgetwebdesign.biz phil at budgetwebdesign.biz
Tue Oct 14 19:23:16 BST 2003

Hi list, been lurking a while but this is my first post: 

Couldn't agree more, my next computer purchase is going to be a Dual G5 - 
I've heard them in operation and they are so much more silent when compared 
to my current boxes (1 p2 FreeBSD firewall/router and 1 Athlon 1800XP).  The 
athlon's just got even noisier due to the addition of ANOTHER case fan to 
stop the damn thing overheating.  Plus I'll feel less of a traitor to the 
cause since OS X runs on a BSD kernel, goodbye Microsoft, I will not miss 
you! :o) 

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