Exploding P4's [OT]

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Tue Oct 14 19:02:50 BST 2003

While the videos in the same directory are very silly indeed (and I 
suggest you watch them) there is a very serious point in that people 
accept that it is ok for components (CPU mainly) of a desktop machine to 
consume 100W and sound like a jet engine with my wheely bin emptied into 

Though there is a slightly questionnable move towards landfilling CRTs 
and replacing them with LCD  monitors, we've gone from (x86) CPUs that 
consumed well under 10W to the current sorry state of affairs in under 
ten years. Will we be pushing 1kW and wearing ear muffs in a few more 
years ? This alone is pushing me towards going Apple next time I shell 
out for new kit.


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