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Frank Shute frank at
Mon Oct 13 19:47:50 BST 2003

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 10:42:03AM +0100, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> How did you charge the battery?  I'm about to be living on a boat
> for the next eleven months, and will have similar problems.  I just
> bought a 500 Watt wind generator...

Well I charged it from the car engine :)

A couple of years ago I was set to sail a boat back from Trinidad to
Blighty but things fell through. The boat had a couple of 12V
lead/acid batteries with a cigar lighter output, so I used that with
an invertor for my laptop (GPS, MP3s & a bit of light hacking to pass
the time). 

The boat had a small wind generator (about 2ft diameter) which the
owner reckoned was pretty useless except for charging up the batteries
after very small consumption. I never got the chance to find out just
how good it was, but the boat owner (my cousin) who had a 10+ yrs of
sailing around the world said these wind generators weren't all they
were cracked up to be. He also had a solar panel to trickle feed the
batteries with. OK at 10° N but not much use out of the tropics. So
the idea was to run the engine for 20mins every couple of days but
then I was only running the laptop & a few 10W bulbs.

BTW, I want some 12V batteries for my house in Finland (to be charged
up by a generator). Any ideas what to use when the temperature can
drop to below -40°C? ie. Something that's not going to freeze up when
I'm not there.



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