MP3 Player compatibility

Jon Schneider jon at
Mon Oct 13 13:45:48 BST 2003

On 13 Oct 2003 at 11:50, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

> 100 amp hours a day

The depressing thing is that energy is so cheap that despite your 
investment this would cost only a few pence (being just over a kWh) from 
the grid.

> Along this thread (and to make it at least partially related to the list
> topic), does anyone know of a power supply that would produce the 12v and 5v
> lines for the motherboard from a 12v DC supply (such as a car battery)?

Muggins here does make small switching power supplies but geared to 
sorting a particular application involving a pre-existing (in effect 
sealed) GSM type tracking box and an automotive environment. In fact a 
large GSM provider sells the system with the issue I fix.

However 12v to 5v is a pretty common thing to want to do so off-the-shelf 
should work (try browsing RS/Farnell/similar catalogues) but let me know 
otherwise !

That 5v needs producing very close to where it is wanted I mean inches 
not feet. And you probably want it to be >90% efficient unless it is a 
very very low power motherboard.


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