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On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 11:50:02AM +0100, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> The fan blades, extended, are roughly 1 meter in diameter.  In my case it will
> be mounted on a 2inch diameter pole, about 4 feet long, on the transom of my
> boat.  They claim 10 - 20 amps at 12v (there is a built in voltage regulator)
> in sustained 15 knot winds.  It can go as high as 40 amps in 60 knots, and
> reccomend you take it down after that :):)  I'm hoping to generate at least
> 100 amp hours a day.  A house would probably want a bank of these toys!  I
> will have 400 amp hours of battery, so can weather a few days of no wind.

Check out Hugh Piggott's 'Scoraig Wind Electric' site at:-

I have been to one of this guy's workshops, he is the real deal when it
comes to self-provision/community renewable energy systems.

They do indeed use banks of lead acid cells up there as backup. Car
batteries aren't good for this sort of thing, lead acid gelpacks are
probably better, the problem is reconditioning them over time, and cost.

> Along this thread (and to make it at least partially related to the list
> topic), does anyone know of a power supply that would produce the 12v and 5v
> lines for the motherboard from a 12v DC supply (such as a car battery)?

The Soekris net4501 has an onboard regulator for this... Getting 5V from
12V isn't too difficult... doing this at distribution level is difficult,
it's probably easier to have a regulator and a bit of header in front of
whatever you're hacking with rather than running 5V+12V everywhere.

It depends on how clean the supply has to be. The cleaner your AC feed is
the better, obviously, capacitors can help smooth this out; you're more likely
to need good a dump load for wind power than solar power because of the
bursty nature of the feed.

24V is also worth considering for DC distribution, some wind generators have
DC outputs which use this (mainly the small ones intended for vehicles).


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