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Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Mon Oct 13 11:50:02 BST 2003

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Jon Schneider wrote:

> On 13 Oct 2003 at 10:42, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> > How did you charge the battery?  I'm about to be living on a boat for the next
> > eleven months, and will have similar problems.  I just bought a 500 Watt wind
> > generator...
> >
> > j
> How large is it and what power do you get in a moderate breeze ? Do they
> output 12v ish, come with an inverter or what ? I see a lot of these
> things cycling along the Cam and have wondered. That is I'm cycling not
> them.
> Jon

The fan blades, extended, are roughly 1 meter in diameter.  In my case it will
be mounted on a 2inch diameter pole, about 4 feet long, on the transom of my
boat.  They claim 10 - 20 amps at 12v (there is a built in voltage regulator)
in sustained 15 knot winds.  It can go as high as 40 amps in 60 knots, and
reccomend you take it down after that :):)  I'm hoping to generate at least
100 amp hours a day.  A house would probably want a bank of these toys!  I
will have 400 amp hours of battery, so can weather a few days of no wind.

Along this thread (and to make it at least partially related to the list
topic), does anyone know of a power supply that would produce the 12v and 5v
lines for the motherboard from a 12v DC supply (such as a car battery)?


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