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Frank Shute frank at
Sun Oct 12 14:01:20 BST 2003

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 11:40:45PM +0100, Jon Mercer wrote:
> As a sign of a slowly recovering economy, personal boredom, the wonders
> of the gnome desktop with sound through AC/97 and an insatiable desire
> to possess the latest gadgetry...
> ..does anyone have any experience of a portable MP3 player that works
> with usb/firewire/IR on FreeBSD (if there is one?) Bit of an OT topic
> really, but can't think of a more qualified group of people to ask.
> happy to hear from anyone with any preferences or experiences, good or bad.

I've got a Rio 500 which works fine via USB with 4.8

There's a port for it:


One problem I did have was that it rebooted my machine if I didn't do
a sleep in-between adding songs. This is how my shell script looks

# Format Rio & upload songs


echo "Formatting.."

echo "Adding folder mp3"
rio_add_folder -f hl1.fon mp3

for file in $(cat /home/frank/wav/blur/list); do
echo "Uploading $file"
rio_add_song /home/frank/wav/blur/$file
sleep 2

(Somebody's going to tell me how to do it without cat ;)

There are other ports for other Rio's:


but I haven't used them and I'm not too sure as to which specific
Rio's they work with.

You could possibly get a Rio 500 on Ebay....they don't make them
anymore. It's quite a satisfactory machine for me as it easily holds
an album on the 64mb memory with some room left over to hold some
files. I use it as a backup for my laptop in preference to floppies.

More importantly it helped keep me sane whilst I've been in Finland
the past 2 months - I don't have an electrical supply at my house over
there, and everything has to run off batteries or car battery! Quite
surprising what you can run off a car battery with a 12-240v
converter :)



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