Extending vinum volumes

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 11 14:45:45 BST 2003

I have a vinum volume that consists of one drive. Because the disk is not=
big, I have created a plex/subdisk on another disk. I have attached the p=
to the volume, but the extra space is not seen.
Is there anythng I can do to add the extra plex without having to newfs t=
whole filesystem.

The config I used to create the second plex is:
drive home_drv2 device /dev/ad0s1g
  plex org concat name home1_pl1
    sd length 0 drive home_drv2 name home1_sd1

I then used the following vinum commands to set up the new plex.
# vinum init home1_pl1
# vinum attach home1_pl1 home
# vinum start home1_pl1
# vinum list -r home
V home                  State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:       1101 =
P home.p0             C State: up       Subdisks:     1 Size:       1001 =
P home1_pl1           C State: up       Subdisks:     1 Size:       1101 =
S home.p0.s0            State: up       D: home_drv     Size:       1001 =
S home1_sd1             State: up       D: home_drv2    Size:       1101 =


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