Some peace and quiet

Jon Schneider jon at
Mon Oct 6 19:14:36 BST 2003

Trading some security for silence I am about to put my 486 back on 
firewall duty in place of the sparc and have installed 4.9RC1.

I've just doctored the PSU fan which was pretty quiet anyway. Now 
it's partly my fault for putting them all in there but I'd really 
like to be able to

have the two IDEs (having my filesystem) spin down when not needed

have the two SCSIs (not normally mounted) spin down except when I 
really do want them for their greater capacity. This could be done 
quite manually. I'd rather not resort to pulling their spin-up on 
power jumpers. Maybe start/stop unit commands would do ? Will try 
next time it is up.

When it had OpenBSD I noticed the ide control utility (whatever it 
was called) was able to spin the IDEs down and they span up again on 
demand but FreeBSD's atacontrol seems to do nothing of the sort. What 
am I missing ?


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