Commercial FreeBSD support

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at
Mon Oct 6 22:48:25 BST 2003

At work I'm trying to build SpamAssassin and DCC servers on Solaris to re=
some older machines, but I seem to have hit some bug in Solaris 9 that
obliterates a filesystem; the machine had taken 1 day to build and the ne=
rebuild got hosed in the same way. At home I used ports to get the latest
version of sendmail (still waiting for Sun to repsond) and built DCC like
a dream. As a longshot (and as part of my frequent nagging campaign) I
mentioned to my boss that it was a shame that work couldn't consider
FreeBSD 'cos it would be soooo easy to have the service up and running
much more quickly than we can on Solaris. To my surprise, she said that
so long as I could demonstrate that it was supportable (i.e. commercial
conrtact), she didn't care what platform it ran on - for Unix we're suppo=
to be a straight Sun shop. Now, I know the value of the email list suppor=
but that won't play in an organisation used to throwing money at problems=

So the question is, does anyone have experience of comercial FreeBSD
support? If so, what's it like?


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