What is devfs?

Bruce M Simpson bms at spc.org
Fri Oct 3 08:05:19 BST 2003

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 08:02:24AM +0100, John Seago wrote:
> Do I need to make a partition/slice for devfs and if so roughly how big?
> What does it do? I haven't got that far in the book yet?

No. devfs is broadly equivalent to the devfs in Solaris. It is a
synthetic filesystem which maintains device nodes. Kernel drivers are
now able to create their own device nodes using the make_dev(9) API.
You should no longer need to maintain a /dev directory; devfs does
it for you.

You probably do wish to read devd(8) however -- this is a daemon which
manages the devfs in response to NEWBUS messages from the kernel.


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