Using ports or packeage for XFce?

Steve steve.cuthbert1 at
Thu Oct 2 23:55:23 BST 2003

Hi Folks
New to FreeBsd and the group.
I have recently installed FreeBsd 4.8 (Courtesy - Linux Format) onto an old
P75 laptop and with the help of people on the comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
newsgroup I am getting there but would like to install XFce 4.0 which seems
to be just the WM I am after for a low spec pc like mine.
Trying to install from tarballs on the Linux Format cd is proving a pain. I
gather I can install from the ports or package freebsd website XFce
section?. I am currently using sometimes enlightenment or gnome 2.2 which is
obviously too slow for this laptop. I assume I get onto the relevant site
and type pkg_add (1) ? but unsure what to do next. Does this command deal
with all the dependencies required? when it is fully downloaded how do I
access XFce?.
Maybe its because I am used to Linux that freebsd seems a bit different and
I`m sure its just a matter of getting used to it.

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