Forcing NIC to 100fdx

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at
Thu Nov 27 19:43:25 GMT 2003

I've finally managed to get FreeBSD 4.8 running on a Dell 2450 at work,
but I know that the network manager will want to put it in a VLAN with
the same settings as the equivalent Solaris servers. These machines
have the NIC hard-coded to run at 100fdx. I know I will be asked if this
is possible on the fbsd box.

A quick look at ifconfig's man page suggests the 'mediaopt opts' argument=
ifconfig with instructions to check the interface's driver man page.
The card is a Intel Pro 10/100B/100+ so cananyone suggest where I
might locate such a man page or alternatively offer any possible
suggestions for the options.


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