Tomcat (Java) problems on FBSD 4.8

Julian Rawcliffe jujuberry at
Wed Nov 26 22:59:33 GMT 2003

After being reminded that tomcat cannot work on 5.x at the moment,
I reverted to a 4.6 machine, upgraded to 4.8 and installed the required
Java packages, but attempting to start Tomcat (or java -version) gives:

# tomcat41ctl start
>> Reading PID file (/var/run/ [ DONE ]
>> Starting Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.27... [ DONE ]
>> Writing PID file... [ DONE ]

elf_load_section: truncated ELF file

I'm running 4,8-RELEASE.

I've checked the foundation and fbsd java websites but can't find
anything that says there should be a problem.
What am I missing?


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