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John Oxley john_oxley at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 14:57:53 GMT 2003


Hey, if your right my CCNA is still valid for another 6 months then, cool!

I'll check out the Sun expiration date though, not sure how your SCSA/NA
cert can expire if the OS version you certify with never changes!

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> On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 02:37:10PM -0000, John Oxley wrote:
>> Some comments....
>> I took the Sun Sys Admin (SCSA Sol8) tests for two reasons, firstly
>> because it was easier to get than the RHCE (respect!) Also because the
>> next exam SCNA (Network Admin) covers alot of the IP basics required by
>> Cisco CCNA.
> Yeah, the Sun Sysadmin ones are pretty much a walk for anyone who's
> actually administered Solaris for any length of time.
>> Also bear in mind that the Cisco exams start with CCNA which expires
>> after
>> 2 years if you don't keep taking the next level of exams, the Sun one's
>> don't expire, your chosen version of OS will simply eventually go out of
>> favour, but your IP knowledge is still good.
> Not to nitpick, but the Sun ones expire after 2 years, whereas the CCNA
> expires after 3.
> Ceri
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